Eddy A. Lopez, Beautiful War I: Nicaragua, by Susan Meiselas

Born in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, during the chaos of the Sandinista revolution and raised in the sprawling suburbs of Miami, I am a painter and printmaker whose work clashes the past and present together by running computer algorithms that create heavily layered amalgamations of historical, mythological, political, and religious imagery. Using big data, the Internet and 500-year-old printmaking techniques, I create visually rich compositions that try to find beauty in a chaotic world by layering together references of war with the plush flesh tones of a Rubensian nude, YouTube video stills with the warm colors of a Brueghel landscape, and sweat shop images with the abstractions of a Pollock drip painting.

It is in these odd juxtapositions that I explore the intricacies of my contemporary experience as an artist; where, in the age of big data, social networks, Photoshop, and the 24-hour news cycle, the burin, ink, and pixel make the most sense.