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I have just written the word “infinite.” I have not included that adjective out of mere rhetorical habit; I hereby state that it is not illogical to think that the world is infinite.
Jorge Luis Borges,The Library of Babel

Inspired by writings of Ruben Dario and Jorge Luis Borges, Ilusiones Infinitas is a graphical exploration, through composite prints created from 2018-2020, of the writings of Latin American authors. By layering one page over another, the works are amalgamated into abstract compositions that obsfuscate and also reveal the entire contents of each book. An erasure and preservation at once.

The content, feelings, and memories expressed in these pages are compressed graphically using various printmaking techniques.

Works exhibited at:
A Peculiar Proximity to Spiritual Mysteries, Zuckerman Museum of Art. Curated by Pablo Helguera and Ginger Wolfe-Suarez. August-December, 2020.
Les mille et une Europes, Biblioteca de Andalucía, Granada, ES. Curated by Jose Manuel Darro, Francoise Souchet. November 2019.
Territorios: Dialogos e Interpretaciones VIII, International Print Exchange and Exhibition, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia.
Layers Beneath the Moment, SGCI Altered Landscapes, Las Vegas, NV. Curated by Deborah Cornell and Barbara Putnam. April, 2018.
Uncertainty Principle, Samek Art Museum, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA. Portfolio curated by Lenore Thomas and Sean Morrisey.

El Evangelio en Solentiname, Ernesto Cardenal
Silkscreen, archival digital print. Composite of Ernesto Cardenal's El Evangelio en Solentiname.
36" x 48"
Flores del Volcan, Claribel Alegria
Silkscreen. Composite of Claribel Alegria's poem, Flores del Volcan.
15" x 20"
Sorrow, Claribel Alegria
Silkscreen. Composite of Claribel Alegria's poem, Sorrow..
15" x 20"
Soy Espejo, Claribel Alegria
Silkscreen. Composite of Claribel Alegria's poem, Soy Espejo.
15" x 20"
The Country Under My Skin, Gioconda Belli
Silkscreen, archival digital print. Composite from Gioconda Belli's The Country Under My Skin.
20" x 20"
Azul, Ruben Dario
15" x 20"
El Canto Errante, Ruben Dario
Eddy A. Lopez, Arte y Filosofia, Silkscreen
8" x 10"