Exhibitions > Beautiful War - Samek Art Museum

Samek Art Museum, Downtown Gallery
March 6 - June 3, 2018

Curatorial text:

War is beautiful…

for you, artist thinker,

who finds in it an admirable field…

– Ruben Darío, The War, 1914

Born in Matagalpa, Nicaraqua, in the midst of the Sandinista revolution and civil war, Eddy A. López is an artist whose composite prints layer historical, political, and religious subjects.

In the Beautiful War series, non-objective prints are composited from archives of war using a median statistical computer algorithm. These prints subvert the terror recorded in the original records by compressing the memories captured in them into colors and textures, there by transforming the chaos of war in to an admirable field.

Samek Art Museum
Review by Julia Carita